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Marriage, an important bond that forms the most basic unit of a society, has long been a research interest to economists. Unlike the romanticized version in arts, economists have quite a ‘cold’ tone in explaining the motivation and behavior of married couples. Existing literature looks at marriage as a ‘deal’ where both parties seek to engage in to maximize their utilities by contributing their available resources (Becker, 1973). This is the process of complementing each other to form a beneficial union. Emotional satisfaction is no doubt a part of the marital benefit a couple seeks to fulfill when entering a…


Speeches from presidents throughout 231 years since 1789 can serve as snapshot of US history. They are a good source to analyze the transition in presidents’ messages as new events in history unfold. This can be taken as how presidents aligned or differed from each other when delivering messages about certain matters. This analysis explored this similarity and disparity by answering two questions:

1. How Republican and Democrat differed in opinion strength for the same topics

With two main parties, Republican and Democrat, one could expect polarity from presidents of these two parties about various subjects throughout the history. One…


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